Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sorry Alabama, I Disagree....

Here is a picture with Nyelah. She drew me, so I told her I absolutely must have my photo taken with the artist.

Jo'Tessa and I at Bone Fish Grill, eating CREME BRULEE! I love this stuff! It is always my hands down dessert of choice if available.

We were the only people in all of Rupp Arena that didn't have on white or blue.

If you keep searching, we were THREE ROWS from the very top. I love the music group Alabama, but I disagree with their song, "Ain't Nothing Like the View from the Cheap Seats." I am getting old because my back is KILLING me. They were bleacher seats, and the view itself didn't bother me, but no back on the seat was brutal. I am going to the chiropractor in the morning.

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