Monday, November 23, 2009

What's Cooking?

I'm either making Baked Manicotti with Prosciutto or Crab Lo Mein today.

We are going to look at upholstery fabrics to cover a sofa and chair that Ben's family is giving to us. If we don't like anything there, we will look tomorrow in Asheville at The Biltmore Villiage. Tomorrow we are going to see the Gingerbread House Competition. I will have photos from that. It was one of my favorite parts of last year.

Ben is making a phone call in a little bit about meeting up with the pastor search committee of a church that is located close to the coast in North Carolina. I would love living near the coast!!! I am VERY interested in meeting these people, and seeing what they have to say. :)

My sleep was off and on last night, so I'm going to lay back down for a nap.

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