Friday, November 20, 2009

North Carolina Bound

I bought several magazines to assist in my entertainment at the airport, and while in North Carolina. I couldn't find "Shop Smart" (I believe is the name), by Consumer Reports. I will pick that one up at the airport.
My weight is up a bit (5 pounds), and it is really getting on my last nerve. I'm not going to worry about today, because I find that it is hard to eat really well while traveling, but starting tomorrow, some changes have to be made. I like my pants fitting well.
I also have to make a decision by Sunday. I am thinking of changing my National Boards to the Take One. This means I would not be doing my entire National Boards this year, but rather one entry. I know that I can do one entry, and it would be fabulous. I don't think I can do all four entries this year. We have several weekends upcoming for my husband with perspective churches. This doesn't leave a lot of time for working on NB stuff. I decided to wait and write my principal an email with the final decision, as I know he will try to convince me to complete the full boards this year. There is also the whole balance thing of my work and personal life. I actually like having a personal life and pursuing other interests too. The decision has to be soon, because the funds are due pretty quickly. I would also get almost an extra month to complete the Take One portion, which would be awesome.
I've got to run back to the school because HH forgot one of the crockpots that I borrowed from a staff member. We are Charlotte bound in just a few hours.

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