Monday, November 16, 2009

Walking a Mile....In Someone Else's Shoes....

I have a cousin on my mom's side who has always been compassionate towards me, regardless of my weight. She would even go out of her way to make me feel welcomed and loved. I saw a picture of her on Facebook from a long time ago, and she used to be really heavy. Over the past twelve years that she has been a part of our family she has had weight gains/losses within twenty pounds, but I never knew she was heavy.
I know I've made comments on here about people's weight that may come across wrong, and some may view me as being a "fat hater" or something very harsh. Please understand that when I write here, I am really expressing deep fears within myself. I was so huge I was at the point where I would be on permanent disability within five years if not dead. I am so afraid that I'll wake up one day and be right back to where I started. In real life I feel I go out of my way to make heavier people feel comfortable, if for no other reason than I still feel that I fit in best with them.