Sunday, November 8, 2009

End of the Four Day Weekend.....

HH and I outside the hall for The Screwtape Letters. I tried taking a picture inside, but got in trouble because of copyright issues (I did it before the play started, but the set was in view.) The Brown Theater is very pretty, and I wanted to show it off to you folks. This is my new outfit from JJill, and I love it! The skirt is a medium, and I could have gotten a small. I love it when that happens.
This picture was taken at the reception for James and Jerusa's wedding. The bride dedicated Michael Jackson's song "Ben" to my husband Ben, and we had a special dance on the floor. Ben did all the preaching, and James grandfather did the actual vows portion of the service.

They had this Elvis cut out at their wedding and I couldn't resist.
Ben got a call back from the church we visited last month. She was asking for us to come back down next week. This time would be as a more official visit/preaching engagement. Ben had been thinking about a view on a particular issue that they asked him about, and had told me he wasn't sure they were clear on his position. He took the time to clarify this with the lady on the phone, and she was very respectful, but wanted to talk with the committee tonight about it to see if they wanted to proceed. She is going to get back to us tomorrow evening about this.
************INSERT FULL BLOWN PANIC ATTACK************************************
I knew we would be crossing this bridge before too long, but having this church call us back made it all the more real. It is hard to get a teaching job in the middle of the year, and I was thinking that there might be a real possibility that I would have to stay here and only see Ben on the weekend. The ride home from the wedding was full with lots of emotions for me. When we got home, I researched jobs, and found about eight positions in neighboring counties. It would not be ideal, but it would allow us to still be together if this position comes through, and we choose to accept it. I am feeling much better now. Things will not move quickly, churches really do take their time on these things. Breathe in, breathe out.

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