Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trucking Along

My sister delivered to me a wedding planner that my mom bought for me. I emailed my dad a list of ten different places to call about receptions. I am fairly certain we will be having our rehearsal dinner on the Belle of Louisville.

I was just reading a Weight Watcher Maintaining Blog, and was looking through this woman's pictures. I was thinking, "Wow, she really looks great." I get to one picture and it says, "Yes, those are size 10 jeans." (Getting to a size 10 is awesome!) Up until that picture, I didn't see myself as smaller than this woman. It is not about a contest, but it is about how I really see myself when I look in the mirror.

Over at Refuse to Regain, she was talking about the negative self talk. Even though she has successfully maintained her weight for some time, it still surfaces. She said it has decreased. I hope that mine decreases. It often runs in the "ever present" mode in my mind.

I've been thinking about what Ben and I can do for Valentine's Day. I saw something very promising yesterday, but when I went to the website last night it was sold out. I'll keep searching, I want us to do something really special.

My car did the same thing yesterday where the door would not shut. I tried unsticking it, but with no luck. I had the brilliant idea to hold the door shut and start driving towards work. This did not work out so well. I pulled into a service station, and the guy helped me out. He got my door to shut thankfully. Today, I am going to crawl into the driver's seat from the passenger side, to avoid opening the door altogether. (Can I get a thank you for the DS? Seriously, my 393 pound body could not have crawled over ANYTHING.)

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