Saturday, January 17, 2009

Losing My Mind....

The past several days, I've had random thoughts come into my head, and thought, "I should write a blog entry about that." Yet, when I sit down to write the entry, I cannot remember for the life of me what it was that I was going to write the entry about. I guess I am going to have to go back to the old faithful pen and paper to write down ideas for blog entries.

Things on the weight front are going well. I don't post about it much, because I am really at a status quo with it. I go up and down the same two pounds. What amazes me is how much food I eat in order to maintain this weight. I seriously eat all day long. I am eating quite a bit of carbs right now, but I know that will change as time passes. I start by getting more from complex carbs, but I do get quite a bit from sugary things too. For right now, it is helping me to maintain my current weight.

I've told Ben that to me the smartest thing I am doing is not getting my carbs from soda. I know that some DSers will go to sugary drinks in order to up the carbs. Who can blame them when you are really having to pile on the carbs to keep your weight up, or to try to keep from having to take liver enzymes? My thing is I know that sugar soda (Coca-Cola) is deadly for me. I have thought many times fondly of going back to that stuff. I am almost two years free of it, and know that I cannot go back. If I started it back now, I am certain it would be almost impossible to quit when the "free ride" with carbs comes to a screeching halt.

Ok, the purpose of me getting up early was to actually put forth more effort in making myself presentable today since Ben has a huge special day planned for us. Off I go....

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