Thursday, January 29, 2009

22 Month Post Op Pics a Few Days Late

I had Ben come rescue me last night from the house. Being cooped up for 48 hour straight is a LONG time.

I had him take my pictures for this month. I noticed one thing in particular when I was looking at these pictures. I am always worried that I have a really large backside. It is the former fat girl in me, because I used to have an enormous backside. In looking at the last picture, I really don't have a huge backside anymore. This is something that I cannot see objectively when looking at myself in a mirror, but in this picture it is visible, and I am thankful that I can notice it in it.

The other thing that I like is that I have a very defined face. I have a jawline. I have cheekbones. These are features that I never had before. I learned from by beauty consultation that I have a very triangular face. I just like that it doesn't look like a blob that blends right into my neck. Definition is good.

School was called off for the rest of the week here. I have been fortunate not to have the power go out yet, but judging by the way some of the power lines are leaning and covered with ice. I feel the power outage is not quite over yet. Going to go snuggle back under my electric blanket.

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