Friday, January 30, 2009

My Brain on Sci-Fi

My brain and Sci-Fi just don't compute. I've tried many times. In college, my best friend Penny loved Sci-Fi, and I would try to watch programs with her. Every single time I had a zillion questions, and she would just give up. Last night, I had told Ben that I would like to watch the Star Wars films all the way through. We watched the first one, and I was trying to pay attention, but it seriously did not hold my interest. I am going to try one more, but I was expecting them to be much more fast paced.

Today we are going to the Frazier Museum, out to dinner, and then to ballroom dance. The Frazier Museum has free admission today, so we are heading over to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit along with a few others. I am hoping to take some fun pictures there. :) I was telling Ben how kids cannot have any fun at museums these days. I remember when I was younger being able to get inside an exhibit and pose for pictures, etc. Now, they have motion sensors if you even get too close to them. :(

After the museum, we are going to dinner then out to ballroom dance. It has been some time since we've gone dancing. Really, it has mainly been my fault because I have "booked" us for so many other things. I do enjoy ballroom dancing, but my preference is to do it on a Saturday night. After working all week, going dancing on a Friday night is not what I want to do. I want an activity where I can somewhat relax. I've told Ben this, and he is cool with it. Since I've been off for four days, I think I can handle it. ;)

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