Monday, January 12, 2009


I am so bad about thinking up post you just get what day of the week it is.

I have so much work to do at the GED it is not funny. Long story short, there is a SLEW of paperwork that I didn't know about, and it has not been done since last JULY (when I took this position over). I spoke with the director this afternoon telling her that I was not aware of this, or otherwise it would have been done. I am very particular about always having my paperwork in on time. I am the type of person where the ship will not sink while I am in charge.

In the morning I am starting a 6:30 bible study. I'll be going to it for the next 10 Tuesday mornings. I am excited about this opportunity to build some good friendships with other Christian ladies. I am happy to find a bible study that fits with my schedule too.

I was reading on DietGirl's blog about how she has set an "internet curfew" for herself in the new year. I really think this is something I am going to need to consider for myself. If I am up later, it is because of the internet almost always. Lots of times I am doing good things, reading great blogs about maintaining weight loss, healthy lifestyles, etc. Yet, these are not essential things, and are cutting into much needed rest. I'll update later about what I decide on this internet curfew concept.

I get to have dinner with my sweetie tomorrow night! Oh Yeah!

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Kara said...

Tiffany - this is a bit random, but you had mentioned in an earlier post if there ever was a wedding that you would want a dress with sleeves.

I was reading another blog, and came across a picture of a bride in a strapless dress, but with a cute little cropped jacket - long link but it should work! (

Anyways, just thought I would pass it along! Nice to have different alternatives available. Blessings to you!