Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bolero Jacket

I spent a bit of time calling seamstresses today. I bought sheer lace type sleeves that can be attached to my dress. They are certainly a help in camouflaging my arms, but I am still very self conscious about them. When I called the third seamstress, she suggested a bolero jacket. After looking up these jackets, I really feel that is just what the doctor ordered. I have an appointment with a lady in Indianapolis and one locally to get one custom made. I know this is going to be a big expense, but not feeling like all eyes are on my bat wings on my wedding day is worth it. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess on their special day. If this jacket is the magic ticket to helping me feel like that, it is worth the cost.

I have successfully kept my weight around the same number for several months now. There is just a bigger pressure to do so now, since I have a wedding dress that cannot be returned.

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Rachel said...

Great idea! You are going to be a beautiful bride...

There is a book that really helped me with my issues and mental picture post-weight loss.

It's called Self-Esteem, by McKay and Fanning, I think it's around $15 on Amazon. There's a sunflower on the cover. Anyways, just thought it might be of use!

Praying for you :)