Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rest of the Weekend Recap...

Ben and I ended up watching Space Chimps instead of Honeymoon in Vegas. Honeymoon in Vegas was not available at the video store. I had wanted to see Space Chimps for a little bit now. We had pizza and started talking about wedding stuff. Man, there is so much stuff to talk about! YIKES!

I was hopeful that I could make contacts at our top three locations for the wedding, to find out their date availabilities and prices. All three places were closed due to the holiday, so there really wasn't much else that I could do until after I have a location and date secured. I spent a decent bit of the day napping.

Monday afternoon we went to the other nursing home that Ben preaches at so they could all see my ring. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, then to see "The Tens." The Tens was 10 ten minute plays. They were very interesting. I was discussing our upcoming schedule afterwards, and we have four plays we are going to see in the next three weeks or so. Good times.

Today I am very excited. Ben is coming to my school at lunch time to celebrate our engagement with my class. We got cupcakes for them. I'll be taking a few pictures as well.

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