Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Sermon

A friend of mine from college is the head pastor of a church called, "Crosspoint Church" in Morehead, Kentucky. He is a gifted preacher, and I've been listening to a sermon of his today.

"Do not let my past be a barrier
to what God wants me to be."
This quote really struck me. Yes, I was a fat fat girl. This is a part of my past. Now I am at a critical junction in my life. Do I let my past continue to weigh me down and define me, or do I move on and let God use the new me? I do believe that God will use the fat that I was fat throughout my life. If nothing else, just to show others a bit more compassion. It is sometimes scary looking forward, and while I cannot forget where I have come from, I can no longer let the ghost of my former fat self imprison me.

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