Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting My Ducks in a Row

I am back home from North Carolina. I'm not quite ready to go back to work, but the break has been wonderful! :)

I'm a very organized person. My classroom at school is amazing to look at. I love finding new ways to be more efficient and productive. I've always been more lax at home, primarily because I don't have a zillion children running around, and I don't have mounds of paperwork to keep up with. I basically kept the problem under taps at home until this summer. I was doing a ton of trainings, and teaching GED classes (dating Ben), etc.

I'm determined to get back on the right track. I can keep my place looking nice without a lot of work. I know I let the computer sidetrack me. I was amazed at when I wrote a list down and set the timer for thirty minutes just how much I accomplished. I love "Flylady's" website, who talks a great deal about home organization/cleaning. I don't know what my system is yet, but I am developing one that will work well for me. The next two weeks are going to have a lot of heavy cleaning to get done, but then the AM and PM things for each day will be more of a "maintaining mode."

This is not a New Year's Resolution....this is something I want to do anyhow. I would never let my classroom get in the shape that I have let my home get into. Time to do something about it.
Off to bed now.

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