Thursday, January 22, 2009

There are Still Wows....

Almost 2 years out, and there are still WOWS to be had. They don't come everyday now, but they are certainly present. I think part of it is, I don't think about them everyday. In some ways, I am getting used to some of the things that my body can now do.

1. I climbed in to my seat from the passenger side of the car today. (Read the previous post to know why!)

2. I sat with two kids in a seat on a school bus today. There was actually room for me on the seat. I always had a seat to myself on school field trips in the past.

3. I didn't have to turn sideways to get down the isle of the bus.

4. I got up and walked through a group of students in their seats in an auditorium.

I'm hitting the hay. Hope you have had a good one!

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