Monday, March 10, 2008

Saving Face?

I am packing to stay out of town for work the next few days. I am staying with a few of my co-workers who do my job in other parts of the state. They are very nice, and I have gotten to know them pretty decently over the past year and a half. These two girls know I had WLS, etc etc.

Here is my I pack my scale? Those who follow my blog know I am a scale junkie. I weigh multiple times a day. I honestly would have taken it on vacation had I not thought it would have been damaged in cargo (and for fear they wouldn't let me carry it on the plane). It WILL be going on vacation with me as I drive to Niagara Falls and Toronto in a few weeks.

I have rational thoughts like normal people don't take their scale with them to a hotel when they are just going to be gone two or three nights (or ten). Then I see the reverse side of the coin too....normal people don't balloon up to 393 pounds either. Normal people don't have to seriously consider medical surgical intervention for their weight in order to see the age of thirty.

I will probably bite the bullet and take my scale, regardless of the comments. I have gotten used to strange comments, comments on what I order, how many vitamins I take, and so on. Yeah, it may be that I swallow some of my pride, but I need the scale to keep me in check, and knowing that fact is half the battle.

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Tia L. said...


I understand what you're thinking and I was tempted to take my scale with me too, but the biggest reason I didn't was because the scale's calibration might get out of whack during transportation. Then I thought about humidity, altitude, etc. I didn't want to drive myself nuts with elaborate and involved mind games about whether or not I "ruined" my scale or whether or not the numbers could be trusted. Rational or not, I don't know, but it worked.

Once I got to my destination and weighing myself was the last thing on my mind. Once I knew it wasn't readily available to me, I didn't stress about it at all.

Having said all that, I'm not telling you what to do, just offering up my experience. You do what you feel most comfortable with.

Have a safe trip.

- Tia