Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gee Thanks Dad!

Two nights ago I had expressed to dad my frustrations about the dating world. Both conversations ended with me crying, and my poor dad perplexed. Last night my dad tries to comfort me, and fails miserably. At least I didn't cry this time, I waited until I got off the phone to do so.

His "pep" talk to me about dating goes something like this:
"Tiffany, since you have lost so much weight you have a lot more to offer in the dating market now. You don't typically see a 120 pound girl with a man who is 280. She is usually with a man who weighs 190 or so. (I am thinking to myself at this point I can hang it up, because I'll never see 120!) Now that you have lost a lot of weight, you are going to have more dating options." (He continues on BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.)

I am ticked off when I get off the phone with him. Yes, I know what he is saying is true, but still he is my DAD, he doesn't have to tell me these things. He is right, "almost" all my fat friends are single. The ones who are not were married younger, and became fat during marriage. There are a few that are fat and are with someone else who is fat. I'm not presenting you with some scientific study, I am just telling you about the many personal examples in my life.

I guess my thinking falls to this now....what is the magic number on the scale? I know it takes all sorts of men to make the world go round, but when do they stop seeing you as an ugly monster, and start seeing you as girl they would like to be seen with in public?


Jan B said...

I just added Won't Back Down to my MP3 player. I bought it just so that I could play Skinny Songs all day long. I need that motivation to keep on with my game plan. Thanks for giving me another weapon in the arsenal.

Oh, and men are clueless. When it's right it will happen. I chased for years and years and it didn't happen until it was time and now, now I am tempted almost beyond what I can manage by that fellow that I waited for.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,

Oh how this subject hits my heart. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. And am looking into the DS right now. Your success has been so very inspirational! Your hard work and determination is contagious.

Tiffany you are a beautiful girl. I can see that just in how you present yourself here and on the OH board. I can only imagine the fun you have ahead of you once you decide to start dating and get your feet wet in that pool.

A man who thinks a woman is the sum of her weight/figure is simply a waste of oxygen. There are quality men out there. Believe me, I have had great fun with a few of them. Regardless of my size. And wish you the same.

You are spreading your wings doing all sorts of fun things. A man with exactly the same interests will be there eventually. What an exciting time in your life.