Wednesday, March 12, 2008

People's Perceptions....

I am working in Frankfort. Tonight over dinner I brought up my support group meeting, and how we were thinking about going out for seafood next time. One girl makes a comment about her boss. She has the lapband, but doesn't want a lot of people to know it. The girl was making a comment about how they go out to eat once a month. She said how odd she found that because they were all WLS patients. She referred it to AA members meeting at a bar. I know she wasn't being mean, but I said, "Well we all have to eat. It is not like you can give that up for the rest of your life." That comment from me kinda killed the conversation, and a few minutes later she agreed with my statement.

I am glad I am coming home tomorrow. We have been working really hard.

Lots of plans coming up soon....seeing a band this weekend, have plans to watch a coworker in the Rollerderby, Louisville Fire Season Opener, and seeing The Blue Man Group and Bill Cosby perform. Not to mention I'm driving to Canada when gas is currently $3.50 where I live.

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