Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Confronting the Truth

In this blog I have tried to be very honest about my struggle out of the world of being morbidly obese. Talking about this next subject is not something I'm excited about doing, but I know that I need to do it for myself (and perhaps someone else out there, who knows).

I really suck at carrying through when it comes to exercise. I exercised consistently for one month since having my DS almost a year ago. I've had a few starts here and there, but overall not so much. Basically, I lost 193.6 pounds from my DS alone. Yes, I did a pretty decent job with food choices, but I really cannot take much of the credit. I have never in my life lost weight so effortlessly.

At first, exercising was a logistical nightmare. It is hard to move your body when you are a massive size. I simply needed to drop some weight in order to make it easier. Now, I don't have that excuse. I am at 200 pounds, and can move my body so much more easily than I could as a pre-op. I have been frustrated with a loss of only five pounds last month, and this month a loss of nothing so far. YET, I have not been frustrated enough to take action.

THIS STOPS TONIGHT! The line in the cement is drawn NOW.

I have lost 193.6 pounds effortlessly. I'm fifty pounds to goal. So what if I actually have to WORK at it to reach it? I have used the cold rainy weather as an excuse, but I have the equipment in my household to make it happen. I am going to use my blog as a source of accountability, and will share my struggles and successes along this next leg of the journey.

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