Friday, March 28, 2008

Interesting Blurb...Which Would You Choose?

Yesterday morning I heard an interesting blurb on the radio.

They surveyed a group of men and women. The choice was to either step on the scale in front of a room full of co-workers, or to reveal your salary to that same room full of co-workers. 71% of the men said they would step on the scale, while only 42% of the women said they would.

In thinking about this a little more deeply, it really touches on how women are held to such a higher standard weight/looks wise. While guys may throw out the occasional "you should hit the gym" chuckle to one another, it is much less an issue with them. Even my thinnest friends do not share their weight!

I guess I am thankful that my salary is public record, so the choice would be easy for me! :)

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