Friday, March 28, 2008

Making Some Choices...

I am really thinking a lot about traveling over Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I would actually miss Thanksgiving (because of how the school holiday falls), but I would leave after Christmas (since we get a longer break after Christmas). I have one friend in mind that might be able to go with me on a trip, but I am looking at the possibility of going alone as well. One place I certainly want to go is London. I've always wanted to travel there. The other place is still to be determined (but will certainly be international). I am going to start researching after I get back from Toronto, because the plane tickets will be the most expensive thing, and I don't want to wait until last minute to get that.

I know that if I choose these trips, I will be putting a hold on plastics. Yes, I still want them, but I also am thrilled about doing things that I simply could not do physically before the DS. I have lived a lot of my life on the sidelines, and I am done doing that.

For so many years, I have put others first. I don't necessarily regret that at all. I just think that it is ok that I am being a little bit selfish at this point in my life. I am uncovering a whole new me, and I like who I am discovering! :)

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