Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Year Anniversary...

The Stats:
  • I have lost 198.6 pounds.
  • I have lost 81.5% of my excess weight.
  • I have lost 49.5% of my body weight from the day of surgery. (So close to half of me!)
  • I have dropped my BMI by 31.1 points.
  • I have gone from Super Super Morbidly Obese, to Super Morbidly Obese, to Morbidly Obese, to Obese. (I am only 6/10'ths of a point from crossing over into overweight!)
  • I have lost 86 inches (or 7.16 feet). I have only measured inches since the beginning of September.
  • My pants size has gone from a 36W to a 14. (I even have bought two size 12 skirts!)
  • My top size has gone from a 4X/5X to a size Large (12/14).
  • I have not had one Coca-Cola in a year. (I was WAY addicted as a pre-op.)
  • I have 45 pounds left until I reach goal.
  • I only need to lose 10 more pounds to skydive on May 24th!

For month twelve:

This month certainly tested my patience. I rocked back and forth between 200 and 201 for just over three weeks. This last week I have lost five pounds. That puts my weight at 195. I am now solidly in ONEderland. I don't mind losing only five pounds this month, I am just happy to report that I did indeed LOSE this month.

I really don't feel like I have been on a diet. This honestly has been the easiest weight loss I have ever known. I watch my carbs, keep my protein high, and drink lots of water (the water part is really easy). My craving for sweets has tremendously decreased as compared to how it was as a pre-op. Yet, I know it is ok to have a treat every now and again.

I don't really know what else to write about now. I am just amazed beyond belief about what this last year has brought. I will post some pictures tonight hopefully.


Jan B said...

Wow! Congratulations! Keep up the wonderful work! I am so proud of you!

CPT Mom said...


Just look at what you have done in a year. That is great!

You deserve a celebration. It sounds like skydiving is in your future, huh?

Mama Bear June said...

What an awesome, amazing year for you. Congratulations!
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

Those stats are amazing! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Tia L. said...

You are kicking butt and taking names! Congratulations on your wonderful success! I know reaching your goal is an absolute certainty. You should be very proud of all your hard work!

I'm totally dancing a jig for ya!!!