Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Conversation with My Boss

We were waiting for our meeting to start, and the subject turns to weight loss/dieting and the like. She has always been very complimentary of my weight loss. She is very tall (5'11'') and lean. Looking at her I would guess she weighs 140 pounds. She was telling me how upset she was because the scale said 161 pounds this morning. I would have never thought she weighed that much.

As she was talking about it, I thought to myself, I am only forty pounds from weighing what she weighs. For so long, I have weighed SO MUCH MORE than everyone else, it is weird thinking that I just weigh a few pounds more than she does. It is the whole mental thing again, with me thinking, "Surely I am still a good XXX pounds heavier than she is." The mind is so much slower to process the body's changes, especially where I have been obese for so long in my life.

I am working on the details of my Niagara Falls/Toronto trip. One of the things I have decided that I want to do is this "Air Flight Simulator" thing in Toronto (www.aircombatzone.com). As I was making my reservation last night, one of the warnings was that "large persons may feel very uncomfortable in the small cockpit space." The warning didn't even phase me. I knew that I would be ok, and not have to worry about it. How cool is that?

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