Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last Night

After our KADS dinner last night, I suggested we go to Graeter's Ice Cream. They have the BEST ice cream in the world. I made this discovery in college, and have since been a frequent customer. (Why is it though that I crave ice cream more in the winter during the cold than in the hot months of the year?)

I order my standby favorite: Double Chocolate Chip with chocolate sprinkles. I only ate about half of the ice cream, and I threw the rest of it away. It just made me smile to know that I ate until I was satisfied, then I threw the rest away. This is what normal, NON-OBESE people do.

Just wanted to share, I've got a busy day, so it is time to get moving.

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Sassafrass said...

Good for you. I just have a question. As someone who had gastric bypass (but sometimes wishes I'd been "switched") I don't know the chemistry of DS. Can you eat ice cream without any tummy upset? And how many calories can you eat a day? You're losing so quickly it's just terrific. Keep doing what you're doing! All the best...