Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wrapping My Head Around Things...

I am trying to wrap my head around my changing body. Here are a few things I've been thinking about...

  • I can easily wear size 18/20 in almost everything now. It is scary to me to think that next summer I could easily (and hopefully will be) out of the plus size section. I have shopped in the plus sized section every since I can remember. Even when I was young, there was a special line by Sears that mom used to get my clothes in ... "Pretty Plus" or something to that effect.
  • I have been in a few meetings lately. Sitting at a table, I pretty much look like everyone else. You can't tell that I am obese. I have checked this out at every single meeting I have been at.
  • I was talking with our secretary about how much weight I had lost, and how much more weight I wanted to lose in order to reach goal. She has been super sweet to me throughout the process, and is really genuine about her interest in my progress. When I told her that I wanted to lose another 80 pounds, she was surprised. She said she figured that I did not have that much left to lose. I am guessing that I am carrying my weight pretty well.
  • I am the same size as my mom, or smaller. I believe that I am smaller than her, but I have not tried on any of her clothes to confirm this.
  • Sometimes I just stand and look at myself naked in the mirror. I am just amazed at how my body is changing. I really have a lot less fat, especially through my belly. I still feel like my thighs are enormous...that is definitely the area where my body is losing weight the slowest.

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