Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Early

I am slowly waking up here. I weighed in this morning at 225 pounds. It would be so awesome to see ONEDERLAND by my one year anniversary of having the DS. That is only 6.25 pounds per month. I am always a number cruncher (even with work stuff), but I know that my body will do what it wants. I am hoping that it wants to KEEP ON LOSING!!! :)

My dad always asks me how much I have lost. When I told him last night, he asked me how much more I was going to lose. I told him that I didn't know yet. I just know that I am not to where I want to be. Of course, my dad had no idea what my pre-op weight was either.

I wore the size 20 pair of pants that I bought yesterday. Before my cruise, they fit pretty decent, but were tight in the waist. They fit great now, and are very comfortable.

There is family stuff going on. My sister continues to con my father out of money. Honestly though, at this point it is his fault for being stupid enough to believe her even when everyone else knows she is lying. I pointed out how I knew she was lying about the latest way she got $100 from dad. Dad said that he was the only one that had some faith in her. Whatever.

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