Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Breaking Up With Coca Cola

I was a huge Coca-Cola drinker pre-op. I drank them up until the day before I had my DS. I have not had a drop since I had my DS. I would drink 4-6 cans a day. I once figured out that I had the potential to gain 52 pounds a year, just from Coca-Cola alone. There are some things that I cannot have...not even in moderation. I know that sodas are the easiest way to gain back your weight regardless of any surgery. I don't want to try diet or anything, because I don't want to give my body the chance of possibly going back on Coca-Cola.
Seven months is the longest I have gone without Coca-Cola. I am so glad that I have been off it. We had a good relationship, but at some point all relationships end. Coca-Cola....the breakup is official and permanent.


Tia L. said...

Good move! I was never a big soda drinker pre-DS so I never felt like I had to permanently give them up. I didn't start drinking them again til like 6 months post-op, but ALWAYS diet. I thank God I made the permanent switch to diet soda years ago when I was doing Atkins, I don't even like regular sodas now.

On the issue of moderation, that is something I need to think about more, I definitely have a moderation issue with a few things, and will need to do more soul searching if I want long term success.

Stephanie Quilao said...

Bravo! It took me two years to break up with Diet Coke. I was so addicted. But now that I'm off, I don't miss it at all and I noticed that it's much easier for me to lose weight. In time, you'll see more and more how much better you'll feel!