Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Love BENTO Boxes!

Here is my lunch for tomorrow! :) I am such a container nerd.

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Tia L. said...

That's a mighty fine lunch you got there!

What do you do with the Ranch dip? Dip the cheese & deli meat?

Where'd you get the cool Bento Box?

BTW, I am so game for Six Flags!!! Last time I went, I tried to get on 3 rides. The first one was a wooden roller coaster and I barely fit in the seat and was petrified the entire ride that I was going to fall off and get myself killed. The second ride I tried to get on, I couldn't fit....very embarrassing. The third one I did fit, it was the free fall thingy and that was the last time I'd ever been on a ride. Been terrified ever since, but I figure by Spring or Summer 2008, I'll be pretty close to 200 lbs. That's small enough, right?