Sunday, November 25, 2007

WOWS of the Trip

  • I fit into the plane seat with NO problems. There was no "spillage" into another seat.
  • I was able to BUCKLE my seatbelt, with NO extension. Not only that, I was also able to tighten it, so that there was about five inches of seatbelt to spare!
  • I hardly sweated at all.
  • At Disneyland, I hit the park RUNNING. I had energy to spare. I was bouncing off the walls. After a full 13 hours at Disney, I was barely tired. My feet were a bit sore, but no swollen ankles, aching back, etc.
  • I rode the roller coaster "Space Mountain" at Disneyland!
  • I was able to go through all the turnstiles at Disneyland with no problem!
  • It feels good not polishing off food. I like seeing food left on the plate. I would eat a few bites of dessert, then stop. This is what people who have a NORMAL weight do. I really loved that feeling.
  • I saw pictures of my two best friends and I together. I really am the smallest of the three of us now. It was so weird seeing that in pictures.
  • I could lay up in the bunk bed on the cruise. The weight limit was 250. (I was 235 pre-cruise).
  • I am starting to feel so much more "normal" within a crowd. Although mentally I still have that fattest girl in the room syndrome, physically that is just not true.
  • I had to tighten the straps on by backpack.
  • I wore size 20's the whole trip. Honestly, several of them were big. I may be breaking into an 18 before too long.

I'm sure there are more, but that is all I can think of right now.

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