Sunday, November 11, 2007

Iron Grip No More?

I was a complete fast food junkie as a pre-op. Last night, I was really craving White Castle. I went there, and got two White Castles, and an order of fries. I ate the two White Castles without the top buns, and have 5-6 fries. I just sat there and thought about how "fast food" really doesn't have the effect it used to have on me. I really don't crave it. Even when I craved it, I was sorely disappointed with what I got.

The only things I really have been ordering at fast food places are: Chili and salad from Wendy's and occasionally chicken nuggets.

I watched the documentary with Morgan Spurlock "Super Size Me." He talked about how he really started to crave the fast food, and how he would even find himself checking his watch waiting for the next time to go get it. He went on to say how good it made him feel after having it. I can certainly relate...this was me as a pre-op. The hold that was once there, simply isn't anymore. All that makes me want to do is rejoice!

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