Friday, November 30, 2007

Inches Lost for the Month...

For the month of November I have lost...

18 inches!!!
From September 1-November 30 I have lost a grand total of...
57 inches!!!
That is over 4.75 FEET!!!
My waist is 36", and my hips are 49".
I keep looking at stores online (the ones that I never even bothered with as a pre-op because I knew they wouldn't have anything to fit me). I look at their clothing sizes for women's, and realize that I can actually WEAR their clothes. Over the holidays I might actually brave going into some of these stores just to try things on for fun. I really am going to try to hold out and not buy any new clothes until spring. Anything else I get at this point will be from the consignment store. There is one super nice store that has a large plus sized selection. I can't wait until I hit size 14, because there are several more upscale consignment stores that I should be able to shop in at that point.

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