Monday, November 5, 2007

The Scale

I've told you guys that I have been trying to make the scale less of a focus. I want to focus on living each day, and not checking the scale multiple times a day. I did weigh today. I weighed in at 240.8 pounds. I am down 4 pounds since I last weighed!

The Stats:
  • I have lost a grand total of 152.8 pounds.
  • I have lost 65.1% of my excess weight.
  • I have lost 38.8% of my body (my pre-surgery weight).
  • I have shaved 23.9 points off my BMI.
  • I am 40.9 pounds away from ONEDERLAND.
  • I am 49.8 pounds away from being considering just "overweight" (according to BMI).
  • I am 81.8 pounds away from GOAL.

I am so thrilled. I feel like a success. It is such a wonderful feeling. I want to keep going. I am encouraged. :)

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Tia L. said...


Responding to your comment on my blog:

Wow, that sounds a fun and cool way to celebrate your success! Let's see, that's like 60+ lbs in 5 months. I think it's doable, it's largely a factor of how strict you want to be and how much weight have you been regularly losing lately. You said you don't lose for like 2-3 weeks, then bam, weight just falls off. My personal theory is that when that kind of things happens, you're not eating enough. Your body is hanging on to a lot of water weight as a reaction to not getting enough food in then it hits a set point and starts to let go. Lather, rinse, repeat. Mind you, this is just a theory, but my every stall was broken when I ate more protein and/or fat.

When you say you're watching your carbs, what range are you in? Also how much protein are you getting in a day? For me, I lose best when my protein is over 200+ grams a day. When I add exercise to my daily routine, they need to be in the 225-250 range. I know that seems a lot but I have a short common channel (65cm) and my labs barely budge when I've compared my 100g levels to my 200g+ levels. I think my protein went up from like 4.0 to 4.1 or something like that. With carbs, I'm a firm believer that most carbs are evil! I do best when they are under 50g a day, most often in the 30g per day. When I want to really kick up the weight loss, I also try to stay away from known digestive irritants, as I like to call them, like almost all dairy (except for butter) and wheat-based products (pasta, bread - even low carb). It kinda sucks 'cause my favorite food is cheese, I love low-carb wraps. Any approach you take, especially if you're gonna increase your protein, you'll need to watch you labs carefully.

My body scares me sometimes, because I can have a totally crappy month and then in the last 10 days, completely turn it around by being strict and end up losing like 10-11 lbs, even 14 months out. So that tells me one of two things is happening. One, that even though I do eat crap, I am still losing weight even though I am retaining water or two, my DS is much more powerful than I thought (which is a little frightening).

Anyway, I think you can do it. You're average over 20lbs a month, even given the fact that you lost the most in the earlier months, that is still a good clip. Go for it and you'll be able to gauge your success come February/March.

Hope that helps!