Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Met the Pet Sitter, Vacation, Happiness

I met my pet sitter, Lisa a few minutes ago. She seems very nice, and is a real animal person. I was worried about this. I have two amazing bengal cats, and I want them in good hands while I am gone. She was very professional, and asked lots of questions.

Speaking of my vacation...I have not packed a blasted thing. I have managed to get the suitcase from my car into my house. I am not going to pack until tomorrow night. My friends Mandi and Penny are bringing up clothes that they think I might be able to wear. If not, I'm going to be buying some cheap clothes at Wal-Mart/Target once I get down to Florida.

While getting to goal is ultra important to me, I am happy right now. I have so many things to be happy about. I weight under 300 pounds...under 250 pounds. I enjoy having so much more energy than before. I am happy that food no longer rules my life. I love not feeling hungry. I like sitting down in chairs, and not having them cut off my circulation, or wonder if they can support my weight. I like being able to slide in a booth without feeling my stomach rub up against the table. I am glad that the scale is no longer my enemy. I love feeling that I am doing so much more than simply "existing."

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