Friday, November 2, 2007

Almost to A Place I Have Not Been In So Long...

In 1996-1997 I took Phen-Phen. I lost 90 pounds. I am 19.8 pounds away from being below the lowest weight I was while taking Phen-Phen. That puts me at the weight I was in sixth or seventh grade. I just feel like I am heading into uncharted waters. I guess my fat was always some sort of safety net for me. Now, I am losing that fat, yet I am gaining so much more. As the fat girl, I have always overcompensated in every other area trying to be recognized for other things that just being enormous.

Maybe over the next few days I will post several of the questions that are in my mind. I am not necessarily seeking answers to them, but it will be good to think them through a bit more.

Not sure if any of these AM ramblings make sense. I just needed to put out a few thoughts on my blog about the ramblings going on inside my head.

Also, on another subject, it still amazes me how different our bodies can be proportioned. A teacher asked me yesterday if I was losing weight. She had noticed a difference in me since the start of the school year. I told her I was. During her planning period, she tracked me down and was asking me questions. She revealed to me her weight. I was shocked that I weighed less than her. I guess I still really see myself as a huge huge person. (I am no small fry by any stretch of the word.) The truth is that I am no longer the fattest person in the room/building anymore. It is just weird trying to wrap my head around that thought.

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