Sunday, November 4, 2007

Guess What My Arse Fits In???

A SIZE 20 pair of dress pants!!!!
I am looking at these new dress pants I bought, and I can't believe that I can wear these. My mom needs to hem them up, but still. I have not worn a size twenty in so long. Size 20 was the lowest size I got down to when I was taking Phen-Phen. I am really almost in completely new territory!
I have heard people on the DS board say that their weight loss was different with their DS than previous diet attempts (even for those who had lost a lot of weight). I am still almost 20 pounds away from my lowest phen-phen weight, yet I'd imagine by the time I lose another 20 pounds, I will be in a smaller size. I wonder if others who read my blog have had similar experiences along your weight loss journey with your WLS.
The other thing that amazes me is that I actually fit in these pants. Tonight I just kept staring at them. I kept thinking, my body fits in those pants. They seem so small, yet I can wear them...zipping them up and all. I am truly not accustomed to clothing this small. (I realize this is huge clothing compared to some of you all, but not for me.) I have actually put these pants on four or five times tonight. I guess just trying to make sure that it is real. Each time, thinking I won't be able to pull them up over my hips, but I can. We all face our mental blocks, and on so many days, I still see myself as a 393 pound woman, but I am not that woman anymore. Looking at these pants helps ground me in some (WONDERFUL) reality!
*I keep trying to separate the paragraphs, and Blogger keeps on mushing them together! Sorry!

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