Monday, November 29, 2010

Way to Get Your Fridge Scrubbed Out....

We came home Sunday night to a slight lingering stench in the condo, and an immaculate fridge.  I don't think my fridge has been this clean since I purchased my condo.  I got the fridge new!

We get a call on Friday night from the lady below who was watching our cats to tell us that our power was off.  After going back and forth with the power company, they are not coming out.  My dad and electrician uncle came out on Saturday, and called the power company to tell them it was indeed their fault.  They came out, and fixed the problem.  They told my dad they "accidentally" cut our power off, when they had an order to cut off power to unit 5.  My parents came back up on Sunday to clean all the crap that had leaked out of my fridge onto the floor.  They took out seven bags of trash (I always pack my fridge). 

My parents are the best!