Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dream Crusher

Tyrell is one of my favorite students.  This boy rocks!  I love his questions (he has a million of them), and his persistence through a task.  Tyrell is not living with his parents, but extended family.  For the past three years he has had a wonderful home situation with very supportive relatives/caregivers.  He is super sharp in Math, and is making huge leaps in Reading.  I was telling him on Monday how I thought he should be an engineer.  I told him about several types of engineers and what possible jobs he might be able to do.  He was getting pretty pumped about it.  I even told him I thought he should go to Purdue, and let him look at the website a few minutes before lunch.  He asks our principal about being an engineer, who also eagerly encouraged him to pursue that field. 

Yesterday he tells me that he asked his bus driver what he thought about him becoming an engineer.  His bus driver said he thought he could become a truck driver.  (I know truck driving is an honest and honorable way to provide for your family, so please don't miss the point of my post.)  This driver crushed Tyrell's dream.  He sees him for 30 minutes a day, and made an assumption.  Now, I've got to work on recreating this dream and his self esteem.


My journey to weigh loss said...

Tiffamy, I read your blog often. Your entry today is near and dear to my heart. God bles you for what you do. I have been praying about making a differenc and about God showing me how to inspire and encourage others but you are living it. I work in corporate American and I am blessed with a position in a fortune 500 company; I try to make a difference where I am but our children are our future.

PLease also provide an update on your BIL. Your family is in my prayers.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, so Tyrell is driven to school by an assbag....nice, real nice...