Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Recap


We had a community luncheon for volunteers in the area.  HH made these haystacks for me to bring in.  Super easy....semi-sweet chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, melt, add peanuts and chow mien noodles.  Put them in clumps and chill in the fridge.  I normally don't like butterscotch, but the chocolate provides just the right balance.

My day was made super bright by seeing Dominc and Jyail!  They are sixth graders now, and I was so happy to see them!  This is the second time Jyail has come to see me this year. 

We went to see my sister and my BIL in the hospital.  My sister told me not to look in the rooms, because it was very depressing.  As we walked down the hall, I fixed my eyes on an exit sign until we got to Matt's room.

I had HH be silly, and pretend like he needed to use the compass to find out where we were going.  I'm not sure why I have a Compass app (other than it is free), but it does rock.

Afterwards, we went to Marriage Rocks.  It was awesome!  They had two awesome skits:

They also did their version of Glee.  They performed "Small Town Girl"....but had changed all the words to tell the Christmas story.  Someone put a lot of time and effort into it, and it was awesome!  (I haven't found a Youtube link yet.)

Our picture in front of the tree:

We went out to look at Christmas lights in a nice subdivision where many people decorate for the holidays.  We started out listening to Christmas music, but that was short lived.  I wanted to play different music on my IPAD.  I only have one really good picture:


We started off with B-Ball in the hood.  It was early, and it was nice to have HH and Starbucks to combat the earliness.  I love elementary hoops.  At one point, the ref stopped the game and had everyone tie their shoes.  Four kids didn't have them tied.  Then, one kid got a three pointer by the grace of God, and the next ten shots were students trying to make a "Hail Mary" (blending football with basketball here) three pointer.

My two favorite players!  :)  Love my students!

In a rare turn of events, I felt like my stomach could handle Buffalo Wild Wings.  HH was thrilled, since this is one of his favorites.  It had been awhile since he had been, and his tolerance to the "Blazin Sauce" had weakened.  I took this picture as he was eating:

We met our friends Beau and Alex for Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D.  It was awesome.  My husband has the most amazing memory.  We both read the books as children, yet he remembers specific details from this (and many other books).  He even remembers the first line of the book.  I read a ton growing up, and I can tell you that I enjoyed certain books, or tell you something very small about it...I don't have his memory for a good story.

I took another picture of HH:

Dinner with good friends:

I am really slow and pretty guarded about trusting people.  When I first met Alex, I was a little intimidated by her seemingly aggressive personality.  I'm glad that I gave her another chance, we are a lot more like than I realized.  We have gone out three times as a couple, and spent many other times together in larger group settings.


It was debated about church because of the weather...I got up Sunday morning and read several messages about black ice.  I decided that we were not going to church.  I am glad that we didn't.  My sister called, and it was bad.  Matt has been leaking spinal fluid.  They slightly rotate him on the bed every few hours using wedges to help prevent bedsores.  There was a puddle about the size of a paper plate where he had leaked spinal fluid from his nose.  (I learned that your body has a set amount of spinal fluid, and once it is gone, there is no more.)  In five hours, the doctor had not gotten back to her about this.  She decides that she is going to sign him out herself, call an ambulance, and take him back to University Hospital.  She calls the doctors there in ICU.  A lady who was on his decision making team (but never treated him personally) basically said they would not accept him.  Without mincing words told her that they sent him there to die. 

My sister told me that morning that she knew he was most likely going to pass, but she still wanted to do everything she could for him.  Hearing this from the doctor was devastating.  He had a fever of 102.6.  My parents were there, and HH and I got up to head over.  We thought today was it. 

He did end up stabilizing.  My sister went out to eat with my parents, and HH and I stayed at the hospital later on in the day.  Another sign that my sister is accepting what is happening: She asked my mom to make her a hair appointment to get her hair cut and highlighted.  HH didn't see the significance in that, but I explained it is a point of pride for women to have nice hair, especially when something big is coming up. 

The hospital used to be owned by the Catholic Church, and my sister took us to the chapel.  I only took three shots, but couldn't believe what a chapel it had.

Last night we watched some holiday specials and chilled out.  I found out a little bit after 9:00 that we didn't have school on Monday.  Our district has been consistent on never announcing until 4:30 am, so this was a huge surprise.  My sister called back to tell me that Matt has something else wrong.  He is urinating too much.  Fluid should not be leaving his body as frequently as it is.  At this point, we are anticipating he will make it to the end of the week.

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