Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 28

What's your biggest Life responsibility right now, and how are you handling it?

I decided to do the blog a day thing like ChiTown Girl is doing, and I'm starting at the end of the month.

My biggest life responsibility right now is being sole financial provider for our family.  (We do get some funds from my MIL, but mainly it is on me.)  HH has been very supportive.  He is willing to work, but there are a lot of variables that must be considered when taking a job.  Since he is going to be a pastor, there are a few jobs that he cannot do.  Also, he needs to be available on weekends to preach, which is difficult for many entry-level jobs that are currently available to him.  His undergrad is in theater and theology, so he doesn't really have a lot to fall back on there.  I really try not to bring it up that much.  He desperately wants employment as a preacher, and is doing everything possible.  I know it wears on him mentally seeing how tired I am at the end of the day, and bringing home work that extends for into our evening time. 

As for how I'm handling it, I guess pretty decent.  Teaching has gotten significantly more demanding in the last five years.  I am a super efficient person, yet there are easily adding ten hours to my work week from required paperwork.  It is hard talking with someone who "used" to be a teacher, because while it was demanding then I know....there is nothing like how cut throat things seem to be now, and how every bit of a child's achievement (or lack thereof) is completely my fault.  Yes, I do make a huge difference, but the worlds my students are coming from ARE different from even moderate class homes.

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