Thursday, December 9, 2010


We are inching our way toward Friday, and one more week until break! 

I am ready for the break.  I was pretty snarky with a girl at church who asked if I was getting ready for my nice break.  I replied with, "I worked 73 hours last week, so I think I am pretty ready for it."  I tried to temper the rest of my comments after that....realizing I went

On Tuesday at faculty meeting we watched this video:

Our principal was talking about how we speak to children and our expressions.  All forty of us had to watch this when it was really a message to three of our staff.  Of course the three who needed to get this were nodding like they got it...can't see the forest for the trees some people!

After work tomorrow we are going to the hospital to see my BIL, Date Night, and Christmas Light watching.  It is my goal to post lots of pictures.

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