Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

The Holy Spirit really spoke to me last night, and I had a tearful few minutes concerning my sister and BIL.  Going to the hospital has been hard.  Jolting every time the phone rings not knowing if this is "THE" call is hard, hearing my sister cry has been hard.  We've been at the hospital Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and will be going later on today.  I became grateful last night.  Everyone wants to be there when life is good...anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, the promotion...but times like these are when most people fade away.  I'm really thankful that I can be here and help share in her suffering, although I cannot begin to understand what she is going through.  HH and I could be half way across the country, and I could be helpless to be there for her. 

Today I do have to talk with my brother.  He has been working like a madman, but I need to tell him that he has got to get to the hospital and see Matt again soon.  He has been faithful in calling my sister to check in, but I know she needs him to come up. 

He almost went back on a ventilator after we left last night.  If he doesn't improve significantly in the next two days he will.  He has not been on a ventilator since the first week of the accident.

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Anonymous said...

My prayers & best wishes for all of you. Bless you.