Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It Comes in Threes Right?

1.  Two weeks ago HH got a ticket for running a red light.  Yeah, the cop just didn't give the ticket, but he had a major attitude and was nasty to HH.  When he told me, he was very upset.  We have NC tags.  When our tags came up for renewal in September of 2009, I told HH "lets chance it."  By that I was thinking we could be moving any time to another state where we will have to turn right back around and get it registered again.  In Kentucky you pay for your tags based on their worth every year.  The cop found this out, and we have to the registration updated by January 7th, which comes out to be about $1000.  The ticket will probably be between $150-$200.  This registration will only get us til June, then we have to pay about $350 for the next year.

2.  HH didn't get a job with the bank he applied for.  I attribute this to the toughness of the job market, and how many people who were competing for this position.

3.  Our electricity craziness: Remember how we lost electricity because they cut off power while we were in North Carolina?  HH has been pursing getting us some sort of reimbursement because it was wrongfully shut off, and we lost our entire refrigerator.  As part of the insurance process, they have to come out and make sure everything was wired correctly.  Our boxes were wired in reverse.  That's right for 5.5 years I've paid for her electricity, and she has paid for mine.  So they are doing a reversal to see if we have paid the correct amount of money to them.  I know that we have gotten away with murder in this department because the lady next door is often gone for weeks at a time, and has put her condo up on the market twice.  If she had half a brain, she adjusted her thermostat accordingly for when she was gone. 

The electric company will backdate for the last TWO YEARS, and we will receive a detailed account of this, along with a whopper of a bill.  I am estimating that we have easily underpaid $30-$50 per month.  The electric company is not required to make sure that everything was wired properly to the right box, but only that it will not catch fire or pose some other threat.  They have made sure they are off the hook of being liable.  We called the place that did the original electric work for the condo, and they are no longer in business.  We don't have a very strong homeowners association (they meet once a year), so I'm not sure they would be any help either.  We might try to pursue legal recourse, BUT, come January we are still going to be liable for this GINORMOUS bill.  The electric company in their charitable spirit said we could have 24 months to come current with our account. 

Throwing in a fourth thing for good measure....

4.  I went to the hospital today, and it was great timing for me to be there for my sister.  She just found out that after Christmas they are moving my BIL to a nursing home.  We knew this would eventually happen, but no one was expecting it anytime soon.  He is not sick enough to stay in the hospital (WTH?), and my sister has eight nursing homes to choose from with insurance.  That was narrowed down to four nursing homes because he has a trach.

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JLI said...

Girl, I know it stinks to hear every bit of this (and to have to pay for it), but let's go back to Faith in God 101:

He is still God and He is still on the throne. None of this took God by surprise, just you. That's by design, so you have to rely on God to work out all the details of everything that's going on, because I'm sure you're wondering how you will make all the payments, what will happen with a job for HH and so on.

Believe me, been there, done that. Time after time after time. It's not easy. Following Jesus never is and His word doesn't promise it. But one this is for sure - IT IS WORTH IT.

Just put all your trust in Him and don't let the devil tell you God's leaving you to pick up the pieces on your own.

I will pray for encouragement and peace for you both. Better days are coming!

Have a Merry Christmas. Merry meaning "joyful". And you can have a joyful Christmas as you remember this is the day your Savior was born. Halleujah, right?!