Wednesday, November 3, 2010

By the Numbers: Countdown to Christmas Break Edition

28 School Days Until Christmas Break.....Cake Huh?  Try this on for size....

* 5 Developmental Reading Asssessments to give to my lowest students
* 4 Faculty Meetings
* 5 Instructional Leadership Meetings
* 1 Reading Proficiency Exam
* 1 Math Diagnostic Exam
* 1 Social Studies Proficiency Exam
* 1 Math Proficiency Exam
* 2 weeks of homework packets to create (my team member does the other two)
* 21 report cards to do
* 2 formal observations for my student teacher (who is currently failing her placement) most likely more
* 3 three hour professional development sessions in the evenings
* 4 weeks of literature letters (that is 21 letters per week) for part of a University research project I am in
* 1 Saturday to work as a follow-up to my summer writing project
* 2 weeks worth of before school duty
* 1 conference to attend in Denver, Colorado (Ok, I'm so not complaining about this one!)
* 3 "Fun Friday" mini-professional development sessions (30 minutes each)
* 1 Paul Revere book review set of questions to answer
* 21 digital student profiles to update
* 4 tutoring sessions for a student in Math (the one I do voluntarily)

I know we all have bad stuff with our jobs, and in this economy it is great to "just have a job"..... but please remember that teachers do a lot.

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maren said...

I appreciate all you do! I have tried teaching--5th grade and middle school--that's my degree, anyway. Most definitely the hardest job I've ever had. I admire all of you who stick with it! I couldn't handle all the stress! Keep at it! You deserve every single second of the breaks you guys get (and more!!!)