Friday, November 26, 2010

Reading Update

I have finished several books while I've been on holiday. 

I read Obese from the Heart: A Fat Psychologist Discloses.  I did not care for this book at all.  Everyone has their own personal journey, so I won't discount Ms. Steins.  There was a statement early in the book about how fat people are some of the most angry people she knows.  She verifies this by saying she should know, she is fat herself.  I wasn't always on cloud nine as a SSMO person, but not every area of my life was miserable either.  I was very successful at my career, had a close relationship with my family, and was involved in many church activities.

I am currently reading, Designated Fat Girl: A Memoir.  I purchased this on Kindle as soon as I learned about it because it was the first memoir from a person who had WLS that I knew of.  Ms. Joyner had gastric bypass in 2008, after a struggle of sixteen years with her weight.  She addressed the frequent line of "taking the easy way out" and "doing it on your own" in her book....

"It finally occurred to me that my choosing to have weight-loss surgery was doing it "on my own."  I was making the only choice I had in order to improve my health, in order to be around to watch my children grow up.  By having gastric bypass, I wasn't giving up and my weight loss wouldn't be a less-than effort.  I was finally choosing to do what was best for me, no matter what anyone else thought.  And that made me feel incredibly free."

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