Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Repost from Julie: Lost and Found

I found a new blog a few months ago that I eagerly started subscribing to:

Julie: Lost and Found

She has written an excellent post about CHOICE.  I hope you enjoy it!  Thank you Julie for letting me repost this!  Please be sure to check out her site.

Life and Death Choices

I have choices. I make choices all day long.

Choose to get out of bed.

Choose whether or not to exercise.

Choose which clothes to wear.

Choose what to do for the day.

Heck, I work for myself and sometimes choose whether to work or not!

I can choose to be self centered, or to serve others.

I can choose to see the cup as half empty, or half full.

I choose what time to go to bed at night, armed with knowledge about the importance of sleep to my longevity.

I can choose mindFULness, or mindLESSness.

I have the choice to lose weight. I can choose what to eat today. How to move today. How to THINK today. Yes, I can choose positive or negative thoughts. I can choose to keep my blood sugar in control, or to feed my glucose intolerance and make it that much harder to make good choices tomorrow, and the next..

By making choices above, I can choose to live longer, or die sooner. Put that way, I know what the more appealing choice is. Therefore, the other choices that support life vs. death shouldn't be all that difficult. They are no brainers.

I'm looking forward to a day of choices. Choices to live longer..with every bite I take and step I take.
Cuz I'm sick of killing myself.

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