Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Trash Can

I read something in I'm With Fatty that struck a deep cord within me.  He talked about how he would eat things, and would hide the wrappers and other evidence of his eating under paper towels.


I remember doing this quite a bit.  It started in college to hide what I had eaten from my roommates, but it especially continued when I started to nanny.  I would go straight from teaching school to their house, and I would hide what I ate while I was there.  This was easier for me to do since I bought most of the groceries as part of my job.  The mom was on another planet, and I don't think she noticed much of anything in that regard.  I guess what gets to me is the sneakiness of the behavior.  On some level I realized this was not right, yet I couldn't stop it. 

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