Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo Fest

HH packed treat bags for the kids at school with care. 

I asked HH to make a silly face by this $180 half wheel of cheese.

One of my favorite students.  He had a lot of problems last year.  I requested him, and don't regret it for one minute!

I have the boy in my room.  His sister visits frequently while he is being tutored.

This was the costume of a friend's dog.  How cute is that?

We were hippies for Halloween!

This is Chris that I work with.  He went to see Waiting for Superman with me on Saturday.  I really wanted to hate the movie, and I went into the movie fully expecting that.  Yet, I couldn't.  It told about 70% of the story in my opinion.  It did bring up some very valid points.

HH carving our second pumpkin.  We saw white pumpkins at the store, and decided to get one this year. 

I am very pleased with the final product!

One of these photos will probably be on our Christmas card this year.  I am ordering it later this week.

This is our third annual trip to Hillcrest where all things Halloween come alive.  It was jam-packed!

My favorite yard: Charlie Brown!

On a much more serious note:  It has been
ONE MONTH since my BIL's accident.

I can't believe it has only been a month.  It really seems like it has been much longer.  This week the jerk neurologist has been on call.  He talked to my sister two days ago about considering the quality of life, and letting nature take its course.  Also if it was his loved one....  My sister finally said, "The other two doctors think he is making a lot of progress.  Maybe there is a reason you are are not the chief neurosurgeon."  He left at that point.  The biggest form of progress we saw on Saturday night.  Dad tells Matt that we are going downstairs to eat, and we'll be back soon.  He raised his head a full inch off the bed, and moved his facial muscles like he was trying to say something.  He is still in a coma, but seeing that really makes me wonder to what degree he is in a coma.

Tomorrow is election day.  Yeah for sleeping in!  I can vote pretty quickly at my polling location.  See you guys soon.


Bandita Senorita said...

Love the costumes!

I am still praying for your BIL.

ChiTown Girl said...

I LOVE Ben's pumpkin! So cool! And your costumes ROCKED! Ben looks hilarious in that wig! On a side note, I would wear that blouse of yours in a heartbeat. It's almost too cute to have been a costume. ;-)

I think either of those pictures would make a great Christmas card. Very nice!

I see there were a lot of changes to Hillcrest since my visit. It looks awesome.

I, too, can't believe it's only been a month since Matt's accident. And, I can't believe that nearly a month's gone by since I visited! Where does the time go?!