Saturday, November 13, 2010


I know I have some updating to do as far as my trip to Denver for the conference, but I wanted to share the most delightful booth I found today.  It was the "Boulder Youth Body Alliance: Honoring Body Diversity." 

I found out about the YAY SCALE!  Here are some samples...

These scales totally rocked!  I think I need to make my own "YAY" scale.  It was a great reminder that I am worth far more than a number that the scale provides.  The scale and my clothes are feedback, but there is so much more to me than just those numbers.

I forgot the entire purpose of the jeans project.  It is to demonstrate pride in your body, but I also think they sew the patches together to make blankets for AIDS patients?  I'm sorry I am fuzzy on this one.

The biggest thing I walked away with from this group was a quote inside their brochure:

"Despite all the pressure I feel to attain physical perfection, I have realized that in the end, when I look back, the things in my life I will be proud of will have nothing to do with the size and shape of my body."

POWERFUL.  I think I need to memorize that one.