Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last Date Night....

HH had a great idea on Tuesday after work.  He suggested that we have one last date before we were separated for a week (this is our longest time apart).  He asked me where I wanted to go eat.  I am thankful that HH has very adaptive taste buds, because our meals almost always center on what I feel I can handle or am in the mood for.


The PAULA DEAN BUFFET is where we went! 

This occasion certainly called for us to be a little fancy .... so we dressed up! 

I was proud of how I handled myself at the buffet.  I got several plates of food, but they had spoonful size bites on each one.  I truly just wanted to "taste" a bit of everything.  The only thing I got seconds on was a broccoli salad.  I am not a buffet fan, but this was really good food.  Not everything was a homerun, but I did enjoy most of it.

Oysters anyone?

This shirt cracked me up because HH has grease stains on almost all his shirts.