Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Can Tell I am Bored....

I keep on posting on my blog. Post after post. Hopefully something will be of use to someone.

This post is on PROTEIN DRINKS! :) I love protein drinks. They make me smile. I'm so thankful we are at the point of time we are now in, instead of twenty years earlier when options were so much more limited. The truth is, if you will seek out a quality protein drink, there is SOMETHING out there that you can tolerate, and most likely you will find one that you absolutely love.

Champion Whey's Banana Scream and Chocolate are my absolute favorites. If you watch around several different nutritional websites you can find them on sale typically. They are a much higher quality than other protein drinks. I also love Syntax's Nectar drinks. A new drink I love is Click Mocha Expresso Protein drinks. At first I found these drinks to be a bit pricey, but once I compared them to my Starbucks drink, they really are not that bad.

So why all the blabbering about protein drinks? I have upped my protein drinks to three a day. I was doing one a day. I am still eating quite a bit of protein, but drinking extra protein has truly made a difference in my energy level.

School has already been called off for tomorrow as well. The coolest thing is that we might not even have to make these days up, because they are most likely going to fall under a "natural disaster" category, which means they will be forgiven.

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Lisa Williams said...


I haven't found a protein shake that I like yet. I will check out the ones you like. You are doing well. I love reading your blog.